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BI@S Business Intelligence Videos, Webinars, and White Papers

Webinar 1.31.2013Billing-new

Utilities Webinar: Creating Utilities Analytics Roadmap

Mainframe Reporting VideoProcurement2-1

A video demonstrating how new advance ETL tools that can leverage legacy mainframe data

White Paper 7.17.2013Logistics

Flexibility is the answer in Utility Business Intelligence and Analytics

Webinar 2.27.2013Healthcare

Utilities Webinar: Drill Down on Customer Projects

KPI Tool Videostock-rotation

A short video demonstrating our KPI framework tool

White Paper 9.23.2013Logistics

Driving Value from your Smart Meter Investment

Webinar 4.25.2013Healthcare

Utilities Webinar: Getting More Value from Legacy Mainframes

Utility Dashboard OfferLogistics

$50k Executive Dashboard Offering for Utility Customers

Webinar 5.30.2013Revenuemgmt

Utilities Webinar: Making the jump from MDM to Enterprise

Executive Dashboard OfferLogistics

$50k Executive Dashboard Offering for any industry

Webinar 10.17.2013Revenuemgmt

Healthcare Webinar: Case Studies on Information Design

White Paper 10.25.2013Logistics

Supporting your current Business Objects Installation with One Full Time Equivalent

Webinar 10.31.2013Revenuemgmt

Manufacturing Webinar: Designing Best in Class Information Systems for Manufacturing Companies

White Paper 4.20.2014Logistics

Case Study: SMECO Subscribes to On-Site BI to Maintain & Improve Their Lagging BI Initiative

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