Cloud Business Intelligence Tools


Run your business with BIAS analytics to drive up revenue and reduce operating costs. We challenge you to make better decisions and improve your bottom line.

  • Make less assumptions
  • Make decisions with Accurate, Real time, Mobile information on demand
  • We challenge you to see different results with our Live Analytics Trial

With no IT work involved Our Live Analytics Trial is also free of charge.

BIAS completes 2 simple steps:

  1. Choose from hundreds of prebuilt reports and dashboards.
  2. Connect your data.

Run your business with BIAS for one month:

  • Reduce Assumptions
  • Make better timely decisions
  • Run your business better

All your data at a glance


BIAS mobile reporting Apps help you…

  • Increase revenue and your profit margins
  • Reduce cost of supply and
  • Control the financial performance of your business.

Take your business to your customers with the mobile BIAS Customer App. All past quotes, orders and payments on your phone or tablet, so you close the deal. Not any deal, but informed pricing decisions that make profit.

  • Upload your vendors, materials and stock levels to the Supply Chain App.
  • Rationalize your vendors and materials
  • Optimize inventory across plants (even if different system or company)

Control your costs with the BIAS Finance App.

  • Drill down from your P&L to the root cause.
  • Make financials decision with confidence.
  • Upload your data and start making decisions to improve today!

Segmentation As Service


Increase profitability and revenues without hiring more FTE’s. When you segment your customers, you truly understand who your customers are, but more importantly…

Which customers make you money and how to increase their spending with your business

BIAS provides the tools, the methodology and the data analysis.
You only need to provide us access to your data.

  1. No IT burden.
  2. No in house data scientists needed

We pass back your customers segmented with identified business opportunities. Service your customers profitably. Upsell and cross sell your products and services with BIAS Segmentation as Service.



The cost of supporting your business demands can be high; probably more than your IT budget and organization can keep up with.

BIAS helps companies deliver responsive Business Objects support while keeping costs in check.

Quality BIAS BO Support = Cost of 1 FTE

BIAS Service is billed as a predictable monthly recurring fee. At BIAS, we can maintain your Business Objects as a service for the cost of 1 FTE. (Approx. $9K per month)

Breathe life into all your Business Objects tools in line with your IT Budget.

When you subscribe to our services, you’ll benefit from:

  • A fixed monthly fee
  • No upfront cost
  • Costs less than one FTE

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